Monday, 30 December 2013

Good Digital Practises

About me (I)/ Places I would like to go in Singapore/ A video clip that caught my attention

My name is Arthur Chong Sze Jie, You can call me Arthur. I am a sporty person and I like playing soccer and badminton. I am a social person and enjoy talking to people. I will usually quickly get into action without hesitating. I would like to go to the Singapore Discovery Centre. It is a place that offers engaging exhibits for everybody, providing insights into what makes Singapore tick. Another place I would like to go is the USS (Universal Studios Singapore) as it is tourist attraction that has many thrilling rides I can take and I can buy many souvenirs from there. One of my favourite rides is the Revenge Of The Mummy. It is a thrilling ride that is in darkness and there are many 'mummies' around as you venture into darkness. The title of the video clip above is called 'The True Science of parallel universes'. The content of the video is about why people love parallel universes and the possibilities that there really is a parallel universe. From this video clip, I have learnt that:
1. The existence of a parallel universe is not confirmed yet.
2.There are 3 multiverse of  a parallel universe.
3. If there really is a parallel universe, things would be different there.